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Love the environment because we only have one

We have started a water bottle challenge where you see how many weeks you can go without useing a water bottle or any plastic bottles. Instad of useing plastic water bottles use reusable bottles!

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This is a picture of a landfill we have a lot of them and they are filling up fast!

We want to make sure our landfills stop over flowing. We want people to know the ocean is not a trash can. We can save our world if we just try to help it one step at a time. Above is a picture of a landfil and there filling up fast.

What this website is for

I Personally know that we can’t avoid plastic it’s part of our everyday life. What we can do is limit the amount we use. This website will teach you step by step how to limit your plastic consumption.


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All about the environment

Our website is not only about plastics but about clim change and deforestation. We want to cover every single topic about the environment 



This is what humans are doing to our forest. we are choping down trees and animal home what for? A pencil? A pice of paper? This is really important we need to stop this its not only hurting animals but its hurting us.

climate change

Not only is the ice melting in Antartica but we are haveing more forest fires. This is really bad and we need to do evrything in ou power to stop it.

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